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We produce furniture suitable for most environments. We are experienced in the production of hotel and restaurant equipment. We can equip your household kitchens and bathrooms. Our furniture turns offices and meeting rooms into a creative space that aids concentration. We can also equip classrooms and auditoriums to make teaching a pleasure. We arrange rooms for students in boarding houses and dormitories, and our school and work locker room equipment provides functionality, plenty of room and space to relax.

Our products

- 01

The perfect interior of your hotel or restaurant due to our tailor-made furniture. Guests will be happy to return.

- 02

We manufacture quality and functional kitchens. Our custom-made furniture provides an area that is both practical and pleasant.

- 03

We manufacture quality and modern furniture for classrooms and lecture rooms. We meet the strictest ergonomics and safety standards. Our furniture means that learning does not have to hurt.

- 04

We equip meeting rooms with tasteful and functional custom-made furniture. Even long negotiations will become a comfortable affair.

- 05

We can create a space for perfect concentration. You can freely combine our custom-made furniture and use all its functions.

- 06

We use every inch of space and assemble practical wardrobes for every area. Quality, durability and functionality.

- 07

We custom manufacture equipment for boarding houses and dormitories. A home environment through design and practical furniture. We rely on quality and durability.