We offer furniture production for almost any environment. We are experienced in the production of hotel and restaurant equipment. We can fully equip the kitchens and bathrooms in your households. Thanks to our furniture, your offices and meeting rooms will be a creative place where you can concentrate better on your work. We can also equip classrooms and auditoriums, where teaching will be a pleasure. We arrange rooms for students in boarding houses or dormitories, and our school or work locker room equipment provides functionality, plenty of space and room to relax.

What we produce

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Hotels, pensions

Custom furniture for hotels and pensions, restaurants and bars. We can create pleasant and high-quality interiors that meet strict standards and demands for modern and functional designs.

Are you arranging a hotel or pension? Are you opening a restaurant or bar? Do you want a cosy, timeless and comfortable environment? You can rely on us. We can meet your specific requirements. We produce quality furniture from laminated chipboard. We offer a complete service, 3D visualization and an above-standard service during the warranty period and for ten years after it has expired. Speed of delivery is a matter of course. Our products meet the strictest ergonomic criteria of the EU. We can also boast a significant “Environmentally friendly product” label and certificates for safety and consumer protection. The perfect balance of quality, style and practicality is fundamental to us. We also stress the low maintenance requirements. We know that a pleasant environment is a guarantee of success. Our equipment ensures your guests are comfortable in a harmonious environment that they will be happy to return to again and again.

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Kitchen furniture

We can create your dream kitchen. Quality, functional, timeless. We will meet your ideas and make full use of our experience. We offer 3D visualisation, implementation and after-sales service.

The kitchen doesn’t have to be somewhere where only steam rises and pots clink. Your dream kitchen can be a place of rest, relaxation, entertainment and meeting with your loved ones. Do you have a dream? We will make it come true. As an experienced manufacturer of custom furniture, we do not shy away from any challenge. The emphasis is on practicality, plenty of storage space, a top-class appearance and your specific requirements. Kitchen units, storage systems and unusual spaces are not a problem for us. Quality furniture made of laminated chipboard meets strict EU criteria, is environmentally friendly and harmless to health. We will focus on the space you choose, create a 3D visualisation, provide installation, a 36-month warranty and an above-standard service for 10 years. Our priority is your satisfaction and the realisation of your ideas.

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Classrooms and lecture halls

Learning does not have to be torture. We will equip your classes with quality, ergonomically designed furniture. Timeless design and high durability. The furniture meets the strictest requirements for safety and health safety.

No more sore backs and uncomfortable sitting. Comfort is vital for perfect concentration. And we know how to do it. Thoughtful design and ergonomically designed furniture make pupils and students comfortable while at school. We make teacher’s desks, school desks, chairs and ensure sufficient storage space. Clean lines, perfect and durable workmanship. Absolutely functional. We are aware of the demanding standards for school equipment and can guarantee health certificates. The guarantee of safety and consumer protection is a matter of course. The furniture is tested in an accredited testing laboratory for mechanical and physical properties. We provide a 36-month warranty for our products and a 10-year service. Our key priority is fast delivery and satisfied users. We focus on the space you have chosen and, if you wish, create a design and a 3D visualization.

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Conference and meeting rooms

The working environment should be pleasant and also representative. You can easily meet these requirements with our furniture. We can create a tailormade perfect and timeless space. Individual components can be combined and supplemented.

Important meeting? Work conference? Such an environment must be practical, functional, not distracting, and not provoke fear and anxiety. We create an environment where the best ideas will emerge. Spacious tables, comfortable chairs and storage space. We will also equip unusual spaces. We manufacture quality and aesthetic furniture from laminated chipboard. Simply show us the space and we can provide everything you need. From 3D visualization to assembly, a 36-month warranty and subsequent 10-year service. Do you need equipment to expand? No problem. We can meet all your requirements. And we also hold the necessary certification. Our products meet strict EU standards for ergonomics, are environmentally friendly and harmless to health. Timelessness, precision and flexibility is our motto.

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Office premises

Practical, pleasant, durable. Such is the furniture that we will make to measure for you. Do you need to equip unusual spaces? We will focus on everything, create a visualisation, and take care of the installation and subsequent service.

Tables, chairs, PC desks, shelves, storage spaces, office cabinets… Nothing presents a problem for us. We equip offices down to the last detail. We manufacture furniture from laminated chipboard. We emphasise captivating design and especially functionality and durability. Our products meet strict EU standards and follow the mandatory ergonomics for office and work furniture. We also think about variability during manufacturing. The items can be combined as desired. Additional items can be ordered. Our service includes 3D visualization, assembly, a 36-month warranty and service for 10 years. We adapt our comprehensive services and speed of delivery to your needs. We create a pleasant working environment, a representative space and a place where creativity and the realization of your work dreams can prosper.

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Changing rooms

We make custom-made furniture for employees and athletes’ locker rooms. We use every area to your satisfaction. The furniture is durable, variable and meets all strict regulations.

Equipment for sports grounds, schools and changing rooms? We offer complete implementation and a perfectly used space. We focus on your place, create a 3D visualization and ensure the assembly of the furniture, a 36-month warranty and a 10-year service. We emphasise the durability of the material, functionality, variability and fast delivery. The furniture is not harmful to health and is ideal for preschool, school and medical facilities. The lockers are fitted with number locks. The benches underneath provide sufficiently large storage and rest areas. We combine your ideas and our know-how for your satisfaction.

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Student rooms

A dormitory like at home? It works. We produce custom-made furniture that meets all the required parameters. Quality materials, functionality and a pleasant appearance.

We provide complete equipment for student rooms in dormitories and boarding houses. Spacious and practical wardrobes, comfortable beds, chairs, desks and storage systems. We are aware of the complexity of this environment, which must be fully functional and create a peaceful home atmosphere. We achieve this by using quality materials, a precise and timeless design, colour combinations and the overall variability of each item. We produce furniture from laminated chipboard, which is durable and easy to maintain. Our service includes 3D visualization, subsequent assembly, 10-year service and, most importantly, a 36-month warranty. The furniture bears the “Environmentally friendly product” label and meets the strictest EU standards and the required ergonomics. Of course, there is a certificate for the health and safety of laminate products.