Product series

The table series is intended for demanding customers who have high requirements for the appearance and design of their workplaces, which is in harmony with the properties of the products.
The middle and higher categories of the table series are intended for managerial and reference workplaces and offices for meeting clients. When developing the TECH 002 table series, the emphasis was on high variability, which creates a comfortable working environment in compliance with all EU standards.
The table series provides economical solutions, functionality and ergonomics for all elements. It is variable, composite and highly functional furniture that can be used in individual and large offices with associated workplaces. The concept is intended for middle management and senior workplaces. Health and ecological safety is a matter of course for our customers. This table series meets the ergonomic requirements for table workplaces according to the ČSN EN 527-1 standard and safety requirements for users according to the ČSN EN 527-2 standard.
Meeting and conference tables are the perfect accessory for managerial office spaces, meeting rooms and public areas in administrative buildings.